Kathleen Cool


I am a self taught Chicago Potter/Hot Glass Artist who likes to get maximum use out of a kiln. 8 years ago I found that working with clay centers me, I love helping others find their center whether on the wheel or handbuilding. Alternative firings have intrigued me, teaching myself these processes has been my passion for the last 3 years.


Ceramics, fused Glass

Areas of Focus

Her passsion is unquestionably Alternative firing and handbuilding ceramics.

Exhibition Highlights

Greenleaf Art Center (Chicago)

Other Interests and Aspirations

Family, Fused Glass

Kathleen's teaching syle

involves teaching students to problem solve any issues they may have, to get past blocks in their creativity using alternative methods by using shortcuts.

Kathleen loves EAC because...

she came to EAC as a home potter to experience the cone 10 reduction glazes and the gas kiln that are very different fom her cone 6 firings at her home studio. While exploring these awesome features, before she knew it, she couldn't help but notice the energy and friendships created within the walls of this building.

Class Department