EAC Capital Campaign Contributors

We would like to sincerely thank our generous Capital Campaign contributors who have made a pledge to sustain the Evanston Art Center for future generations.

(Listed in alphabetical order, pledges as of January 11, 2016)







Jane Fulton Alt

Dr. Frances Anderson

Doris Ann and James Arnold

The ATHENA fund

Ann and Dave Baker

Elizabeth and Rick Bald

Jennifer Ball

Brian and Ann Balusek

Gary and Elizabeth Bannon

Patricia Barnes

Carole Bass

Harold Bauer, EAC Trustee and Karen Bauer

Linda Beck, EAC Board President Elect and Dr. Eric Estes

Tammy and Ted Becker

Kathleen M. Bell

Rae Benjamin, EAC Trustee

Beverly Bennett

Anne Berkeley

Jan Berkson

Diane and Karl Berolzheimer

Barbara and John Blades

Bluestone Restaurant

Margaret Boccard

Larry Boswell, EAC Director of IT and Administration

Phyllis Bramson

Laurel Breitkopf

Thomas and Deborah Brejcha

Christine Bridger, EAC Trustee

Peter Brinckerhoff

Bob and Marcy Brower

Mary K. Brown

Richard and Lisa Brown

Robert and Deborah Brown

W. Keith Brown, EAC Director of Education

William and Ellen Browne

Alan Brunettin

Patty Buck

Carol and Tom Butler

James and Maureen Carroll

Caryl L. Carlsen and D. Patrick Carr

CBRE Chicago

John and Jane Chapman

Harvey and Marianna Choldin

Jan and Frank Cicero

City of Evanston

The Claire Sucsy Group

Tom and Nancy Clark

Barbara and Richard Cochran

Michael and Patricia Cohen

Sonia and Aaron Cohen

Ann and Roger Cole

RJ Coleman

Kate Collinson

George Contarsy

Kathy S. Cottong

Karen Courtright

Phyllis Cretors

Tilden Cummings

Daphne Hoch Cunningham

Robert and Chie Curley

David and Susan Curry

W.C. Dandridge Jr. and Judy Smith-Dandridge

Paula Danoff, EAC Director of Development and Jeff Danoff

Nancy and Dennis Delman

Nancy and Dean Dickie

Norah Diedrich

MIcheal Dillon

Sue Dix

Rachel and Linné Dosé

Lisa Downey

James Driscoll

Susan Page Estes

Kevin and Joan Evanich

Evanston Community Foundation

Debra Favre

Loretta Ferlauto

The Fiegen Family

Field Foundation

First Bank & Trust

Mary and Paul Finnegan

Father William Flaherty

William Floyd, EAC Trustee and Marilyn Floyd

Ellen Fogarty

Marc Frazer and Rick Lenell

Ruth Freeark

Judith Roston Freilich

Gwyn Friend

Victoria Fuller

Maurice and Muriel Fulton

George and Ellen Galland

Margaret and Neil Gambow

Mary Gaspar

Arnold and Susan Ginsburg

Philip E. Goldsmith

Ira E. Graham

Jennifer Graham

Michael and Wynn Graham

The Grainger Foundation

Priscilla Greene

Stacey Greenberger

Eve Greer

Emily Guthrie

Cameel and Hoda Halim

Hammer/Razowsky Family

Susan and Stuart Handler

James Hardgrove, EAC Trustee

Charles and Kathleen Harper

David and Beth Hart

Jerome Hausman

Joseph and Betty Lou Hayden

Anne M. Heinz

Katlyn Hemmingsen, EAC Trustee

Alicia Hempfling

Karen and Charles Hemphill

Ron and Kathy Henrichs

Michael and Claire Heyman

Brandon Hill

John Himmelfarb

Jean Hirsch

Liane and David Hodgman

Thomas and Barbara Honn

MaryLou and Mitch Horwat

Deborah Horwitz and Paul Nierman

Jim and Ninette Houk

Anthony House

Paulette and Bobby Hubert

Mark Hudson

Milena Hughes

Harry Hunderman and Deborah Slaton

Karen Hunt, EAC VP Treasurer

Timothy Hurley

Christine and Rick Huszagh

William and Carol Hyatt

Roger Hymen

Jeanette Imbus

Catherine Iverson

Diane Ives

Sandra Jackson

John R. Jacobs, EAC Trustee

Anita Jacobson, in memory of Shirley Levin

Joanne Jacobson, in memory of Shirley Levin

Pete and Debbie Jacobsen

Judi and Jerry Jacover

Donald and Susan Jeffers

Bernard and Ann Jennett

Colleen Jersild

John J. Cahill, Inc.

Karl and Indira Johnson

Judith Joseph

The Jungbluth Family

Howard and Carol Kain

Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Lynn and Eric Kaplan

Susan Kaplan

Erica Karp

Allan and Carri Kaufman

The Kaufman Family

Sueko Kawamura

Sarah Kelly

Sylvia Kerpel

Paul Khoury and Nefrette Halim

Ron and Jin Soo Kim

Judy Koon

Eileen Koven

Linda L. Kramer

Phylllis Krause-Braun and Jerome Braun

Bruce Kresnoff and Lucille Herman

Kurz & Company

Claire and John Labbe

William Lampkin

Russell Lane and Nina Donnelly

William Lasko and Linda Gartz

Kathy and Larry Leck

Boruch Lev

Marcia Levy

Marcy Lickerman

Tess Lickerman, EAC Board President and Tod Lickerman

Rhita Lippitz

Larry Lundy

Warren and Sally Lupel

John and Coni Lyman

Jay and Bonnie Lytle

Rochelle Magid

Scott Harris and Lisa Harris Mason

Ann Mazza

Jane McCarthy

William and Pamela McGaghie

Jim and Cass McHolland

Jock and Joan McLane

Leslie McMillan, EAC Trustee

Amy Melnicsak

Bert Menco

Joseph V. Messer, M.D.

Kathy Miehls

Lucia Miller

Jess Mininger

Ben and Barbara Mittman

Thomas and Susan Moran

Charles and Mary Mount

Richard Naponelli

Gregory Neal

Susan Nelson

Lucy and John Nersesian

Sally Neuert

Michael and Gina Neumann

Lucy Newsome

Judith A. Nolan

Julian and Sheila Oettinger

Beatriz M. Olivera

Oscar Isberian Rugs

O'Shaughnessy Family Foundation

Brian Ottman

Aaron Pancost and Holly Gorman

Marie Simone Pavlovich

Fay Peck

Joseph E. Perkoski, EAC Trustee and Nancy Perkoski

Simon and Kim Perutz

David and Sue Peterson

Lawrence Pinto

The Pittsburgh Foundation

Ellen and Jon Pliska

Naomi Pollak

Gerald Powers, M.D.

Kenneth Powers, EAC Trustee

Rita F. Price

Col. Jennifer N. Pritzker

Timothy and Jean Ramsey

Clouia Rath

Alice Rebechini and Lee Joric

Barry Reichel and Barbara Goldsmith Reichel

Judith I. Reinemann

David and Holly Reynolds

Karen Ribbon, EAC Trustee and George Ribbon

Kelly Roberts

Virgil and Marilynn Robinson

Margaret and Dwyer Roche

Natalie Roche

Benjamin Rose

Jim and Trude Roselle

Kathleen Rospenda

Fredrick Ruda

Mike Sackheim

John Saliba, EAC VP and Judy Falconer

Christine Sammel

Vera Scekic and Robert Osborne

Edna Schade

Renee Schleicher, EAC Secretary

Richard Schleicher

Sylvia and Paul Schneider

Alex Schultheis and Adrea Mainelli

Myra Schwartz

Vicki Schwartz-Mided

Brad and Betsy Scott

Margaret Sents

Mel Septon and Kathy Stone

Britt Shawver

Katy Sheppard

Minerva Sherer

Scott and Carrie Sherer

Carol Shukur

Carolyn Sills

Rob Sills, EAC Trustee and Janie Sills

Stephen Silverman and Janet Leder

Gloria Sinclair

Jane Sisco-Perkins

Kathy H. and Robert Z. Slaughter

Martha Winans Slaughter

Chronda and David Spurlin

Catherine and Mark Steege

Christine Steel

Eric and Tammy Steele

Sue and Ron Steiner

Anne Smith Stephan

Jan E. Stone

Michelle Stone

Clay and Donna Struve

Gail Struve, EAC Trustee and Ted Struve

Keith Struve

Matthew and Susan Struve

Edward Sutkowski

Donna Sutow

Arlene Tarpey

Katherine and Robert Tate-Bradish

Catherine and John Taylor

Lena and Diane Thodos

Janet Thullen

Mindy Tiberi

Donna Timmermann

Bill and Anne Tobey

M. V. Tobin

Susan Smith Trees

Valery True

Michael J. Tuchman

Andrew Tudor

Annette Turow

Linda Valenti

Will and Johna Van Dyke

Jana Varman

Charlie Vernon

Louise Vick

Kathy and John Vondran

Jonathan Vree, EAC Trustee and Amy Vree

Kimberley Vuitel

Donna and James Waggle

Natalie and Mark Wainwright

Grace Walsh

Marsha Warren

Judith Watt

Wednesday Morning Ceramics Class

Christopher Weiland

Barbara and Gerald Weiner

Marcie B. Weiss

Margaret (Maggie) Weiss

Lauren Wenk

Joffrey Wilson

Marc Wilson and Leslie Brown

Sherry Winger

Susan Wishnick and Allen Steinberg

Nancy Wojcik

Leslie Wolf

Joyce Woods

Ellen and John Wright

Robert and Joan Yohanan

Dana Zingrone