Financial Aid

Financial Aid, Scholarships & Payment Plans

At the EAC, we believe art is for everyone. No student is turned away on the basis of financial need.

Financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans are available each term for adult and youth classes on the basis of financial need. Click here for a pdf formatted financial aid application and policy statement. Applications are also available in-person at the EAC front desk.

Please submit a completed application and financial documents outlined with your registration. For more information, call 847-475-5300.

If you're in a position to donate, please help fund our Education Scholarships.

Financial Aid Sliding Scale

Total (Gross) Income / Number of Family Members

Subsidy 1 2 3 4 5 6
75% $16,240 $21,985 $27,730 $33,475 $39,220 $44,970
50% $19,675 $26,725 $33,395 $40,555 $47,520 $54,480
25% $23,110 $31,285 $39,460 $47,640 $55,815 $63,990

Wieghardt/Kawamura Scholarship

The Evanston Art Center is honored to receive a very generous bequest from Sueko Kawamura. This scholarship will fund eight full scholarships a year for twenty-five years for students who cannot afford the tuition, based on their financial situation. Along with the scholarships, we proudly name our second floor gallery “The Sueko Kawamura Gallery”. Twenty artists will have the opportunity to exhibit their work in this gallery on an annual basis.