Visual Literacies Curriculum

All of us make sense of images every day! Learning to read more than just the words on the page is vital to access meaning across the pages of a text, on the walls of a building, and online. The messages conveyed through images are critical to deep understanding and overall comprehension; they are skills developed through visual literacy.

We support classroom teachers and interested parents in developing specific skills to deepen understanding of reading images and text thanks to curriculum developed by CDS Literacies with support from the Evanston Art Center.

“Visual literacy: the ability to read, write and create visual images. Visual literacy is about language, communication and interaction. Visual media is a linguistic tool with which we communicate, exchange ideas and navigate our complex world.”*

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Recommended for Elementary-Age Students: Lesson 1

Learn visual literacies, introduce ourselves using visuals, and practice naming ways visual literacies help us to see more across texts. 


Recommended for Elementary-Age Students: Lesson 2

Continue to consider the ways visual literacies help to deepen comprehension in picture books. 


Teacher-Facing Lesson

Designed for teachers interested in exploring visual literacies with their students. Practical tips for lessons and demonstrations are provided.


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