Jill Nahrstedt

Jill Nahrstedt is a visual artist based in Chicago. She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a member of the Thrive Artist Network, a muralist, and a wife and mother. Jill explores relationships between people, nature, and the digital space through layered paintings and drawings that imply collage. To bridge the understanding of motives and movements, she pivots between realism and abstraction. Before transitioning to her full time studio practice, Jill taught art in Chicago Public Schools for over a decade. Jill exhibits her work locally and nationally. 


BFA The School of The Art Institute of Chicago MEd Depaul University


Drawing, printmaking, acrylic painting, gouache painting, watercolor

Areas of focus:

Abstract painting and Realistic portraiture, screen printing



Exhibition Highlights

2022 Arc Studios and Gallery, Face to Face, National Juried Exhibition, San Francisco, CA
2022 Lill Street: Creating Space, Group Exhibition, Chicago, IL
2019 Side Street Studios, “Year 7” Elgin, IL 

Other interests and inspirations:

Travel, gardening, surfing (yep), staring, so much reading

Jill’s  teaching style:

She believes everyone who wants to should have a thriving art practice. She is energized by possibilities! Jill draws on her vast knowledge of the principles of art and tools for making to guide students in the direction they choose for themselves. She is also happy to help her students' discover a direction and experience the joy of creating while leaving the inner critic out of it.

Jill loves EAC because . . .

She gets the opportunity to share what she has learned through her journey as a student, teacher, and exhibiting artist.

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