Janis Pozzi-Johnson

Janis has been a working artist for forty years, both in the US and in Switzerland. Her work is currently represented in galleries throughout the country and found in private, public and corporate collections worldwide.


Oil paint, watercolor, various drawing mediums

Areas of focus:

She received a classical training with focus on the figure, but for the past twenty years her focus has been on abstracted, multi-layered, highly textured, color field paintings.



Exhibition highlights:

  • "EXPO Chicago," Navy Pier, Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL - 2018
  • "Born of Water," Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL - 2018
  • "Fragile," West Branch Gallery, Stowe, VT - 2018
  • "Meditations on Impermanence," Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL - 2015
  • "Taking Breath," Perimeter Gallery, Chicago, IL - 2012

Other interests and inspirations:

Practicing mindfulness meditation has impacted her painting process, while spending time with the elements of water, air, earth, and light has infused her paintings with their presence.

Janis's teaching style:

While facilitating skill development, she tunes into each student's personal vision and goals, which transcend technique, and help expand their vision of what's possible in their own work while assisting them to actualize that vision. Emphasis is placed on developing a strong, cohesive, exhibition-ready body of work.

Janis loves EAC because . . .

It provides a place where active artistic inquiry can happen within a safe, encouraging, and accepting environment.  She has enjoyed working with so many serious, dedicated students of art and participating in their personal journeys to find their visual voice.

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three paneled solid colored paintings
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