Suzanne Shy Ervin

Suzanne has worked with individuals with multiple intellectual/developmental disabilities for over 20 years in different capacities.  Her primary focus is on the use of innovative technologies and current research to develop strategies for individualized instruction that encourages creativity, problem solving, productive habits and self-confidence.


Missouri State University - B.A. in Child and Family Development


Digital graphic arts

Areas of focus:

Contemporary digital graphic design


Other interests and inspirations:

She is inspired by the art and culture discovered in her travels and enjoys integrating the lessons of multicultural art into her classes.

Suzanne's teaching style:

She believes that creative expression should be accessible to all students in a judgment-free environment.  She has developed a curriculum that utilizes adaptable tools and methods and reduces reliance on physical dexterity, building confidence with art activities that are achievable and compelling.

Suzanne loves EAC because . . .

It has a committment to making a wide range of art classes and activities accessible to everyone. Additionally, it has exceptional facilities including 2D and 3D print capabilities that allow students to produce their work and experience feedback in real time.

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Suzanne Shy Ervin
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