Noelle Garcia

Noelle is a Chicago-based artist and educator who focuses on themes of identity, family history and recovered narratives in her work. She is an indigenous artist from the Klamath and Paiute tribes from Oregon and Nevada. Her paintings, drawings, and soft sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and institutions across the United States.


  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago - B.F.A.
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas - M.F.A.


Bead weaving, papier mache, comics, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paint

Areas of focus:

Painting, drawing, narrative work, indigenous activism, sculpture


Exhibition highlights:

  • "Extended Self," Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL - 2019
  • "Volcanoes," Holland Projects, Reno, NV - 2019
  • "Make," SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA - 2016
  • "LA DISH," Ordinary Projects/Mana Contemporary, Chicago, IL - 2015
  • "RED: Chuck Moccs," London Biennale, Pop Up Art House, Henderson, NV - 2012

Other interests and inspirations:

Comic books, Martha Stewart, artistic parenting, cooking, storytelling

Publication highlights:

  • "All That We Own Is Ourselves," American Quarterly Editorial - 2019
  • "The Feeling: The Freedom to Offend/The Freedom to Say You Hurt Me/The Hope You Hear Me," Arts Everywhere Musagetes _2018
  • Illustration, "Faded Anchor," CHUM - 2014

Noelle's teaching style:

She emphasizes patience, optimism, and critical thinking. She believes that learning in a group setting is a valuable opportunity to learn from each other and allow ideas to grow.

Noelle loves EAC because . . .

It is a great space with a great community, studio space, and galleries.

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