Matthew Maggio

Matt is a scientist working in resuscitation science.  In his free time, he is a math and science tutor and freelance maker.


University of Illinois-Chicago - B.S. in Biochemistry


Laser cutting, 3D printing, wood working, wood turning, metal machining, metal casting

Areas of focus:

Functional objects with inherent beauty, novelty prints

Other interests and inspirations:

His goal is to become a maker, designer and inventor full-time.

Matt's teaching style:

He emphasizes an understanding of the machine and technique with a focus on the geometry of the object to be made. The great Renaissance painters studied mathematics and engineering and he believes that today's artists should as well.

Matt loves EAC because . . .

As a first-time teacher at the Center, he is looking forward to working with the students.

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on the left code, on the right a three rendering of vessels
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