Cathy Montoya

Cathy is experienced in knitting and crochet and has been teaching and designing her own patterns over the last 30 years. She ran her own retail store for 13 years in Evanston, introducing many first-time students to the joy of making their own creations out of yarn. She currently sells her designs on Ravelry.


Roosevelt University - B.Mus.



Areas of focus:

Knitting and crocheting, knitwear design, fiber arts


Other interests and inspirations:

She has recently begun dyeing yarn and plays the piano when she can.

Cathy's teaching style:

She likes to work with multi-level classes, allowing everyone to work on their own projects at their own pace. Everyone benefits by seeing their classmates' ideas and techniques.

Cathy loves EAC because . . .

The constantly-changing galleries are full of colors and shapes that apply to many art forms. She points things out to her students that might inspire them.

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