Annie Zirin

Annie Zirin

Annie Zirin

Annie Zirin is a fiber artist with a focus on weaving. She is interested in themes of craft and the handmade, as well as feminist political expression through visual arts.


  • The School of the Art Institute of Chicago - M.F.A.
  • Lesley University - M.Ed.
  • Brown University - B.A.


Weaving, fiber arts

Areas of focus:

Weaving, stitched collage


Other interests and inspirations:

Annie loves fiber art of every kind, self-taught artists, the art of social protest, community organizing and activism, working with children, looking at the natural world, and understanding how things work- machines, political systems and people.

Publication highlights:

  • "Jacob Lawrence," 101 Real Changemakers, ed. Michele Bollinger, pub. Haymarket Books - 2012
  • The Teacher's Guide to "A Little Piece of Ground" by Elizabeth Laird, pub. Haymarket Books - 2007
  • Davis, Ben, 9.5 Theses on Art and Class, ed. Annie Zirin, pub. Haymarket Books - 2013ÔÇ¿

Annie's teaching style:

She believes that art is for everyone and that everyone has a unique artistic vision. Her goal is to create a safe learning space that encourages students to try new things, take risks with their artwork, and develop their personal style.

Annie loves EAC because . . .

The classes are filled with people with diverse life experiences. In one class we may have a teacher, a nurse, a social worker, a teenager, and an engineer who all bring their unique viewpoints into the creative process. This diversity creates a rich and exciting learning environment.

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many multicolored geometric forms
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